Sunday, August 26, 2007

quick trip to southern Ontario

I had to hit Welland for a wedding, so made sure to find some diversions there before I left. Farmer's market of course, because I have a one track mind and that's supposed to be Foodland Ontario:

I met a knitter from Welland on Ravelry and he gave me the lo-down. You should check out his podcast! He told me about a vegetarian vendor at the farmer's market, but it wasn't there this week. He also told me about knitting and crafty places all over the area, I wish I could've made it to all those little towns! I did get to Broadway Textiles, and the main LYS in Welland though:

Nancy the Librarian Action Figure liked the Welland Zine Library best:

Hit a yard sale and scored some Coronation Street loot, what great luck! Oh how I wish Spider would come back to the show with a good storyline. I wasn't watching it when he was a regular, so I only know him from when he came back to nurse Emily back to health after Richard Hillman twacked her over the head with a crowbar. He runs a juice bar in London and made her beet juice to replenish her.
Just for fun we went to Casino Niagara. I spent $5 and won $12!

Then we went to look at Niagara Falls, they're pretty.

And Magnolia climbed a tree:

Back home now, just in time to do some laundry and get to the Camera Obscura show tonight, yowza!!


krissy said...

those peaches look so yummy all lined up in baskets back there. i know...i'm a little obsessed with the foodland ontario thing these days too. it makes me just want to run up and hug all the farmers.
hope you had fun at the show!

Charles said...

Hey! Thanks for the shoutout! I'm glad you found some nice things at the market and garage sales. As you saw, the LYSs here aren't like those in TO, but hey, what are ya gonna do? The coronation street finds are kinda cool!
Best of luck!

Cin said...

Carla, I hope you liked your visit to Welland. It feels so different when I go it's hard for me to believe that I used to live there. In many ways some things have changed while in others, nothing has changed at all.

PS: My mom worked at the Welland Library for half her life!

mjm knitting said...

such great corrie loot! yay!
camera obscura rocked the house last night! yay!

vania said...

It looks like you and Magnolia had a great time in Welland. I can't wait to hear about the Camera Obscura show - i love them!

Sarah said...

Coronation Street. :-|

Wow. Do they actually have that on TV there, or just the videos?

Niagra Falls! Cool.

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