Monday, June 11, 2007

World Wide Knitting in Public Day 2007 and TTC Knitalong

World Wide KIP Day was on Saturday, and a knitterly good time was had by all at the TTC Knitalong!

Thanks, Melinda, for paying my food bill when I had to backtrack quickly to retrieve my un-lost wallet. Too much yarn on the brain! And thanks to Fibre Floozie for vegan cookies!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

NXN Ears ringing

Did all your NXNE-dreams come true? I feel like I soaked a lot of live music out of my wrist band, even though I only saw 10 bands and a play. But I saw one of the bands play 3 times, so it was 12 separate shows, which is alright for three nights.

I didn't take many pictures, musicians move around too fast for my shutter finger. See:

Hey look, it's Mattias B's pick, placed directly into my hand by him. (See Kelly, I'm a fangrrl, too!) He's the one who goes all out with the Pete Townsend riffs and moves. There was an equipment problem at one of the shows, and he was actually polite and friendly with the guitar tech, I love that! I always wonder why most of them don't show the guitar techs a little more love.

Monday, June 04, 2007

"your kisses are wasted on me"

Were you at The Pipettes' show on Friday? It was sooo great. They were so cute in polka dots, of course, and their backup band was a gang of guys in yellow knitted vests.

Monster Bobby was good too. He played solo, but he was also one of the dudes in a yellow vest later.

The other support was Smoosh, which is a duo, and sometimes trio, of teenaged grrlz. Check them out, they're pretty good. I did sort of worry about their safety, though, and hope they have strong, sensible adults around them while they're on tour.

Officially the most unusual and unexpected search that someone came to my blog through:
"how long does it take to go into labor after your 50 percent effaced?"