Sunday, June 10, 2007

NXN Ears ringing

Did all your NXNE-dreams come true? I feel like I soaked a lot of live music out of my wrist band, even though I only saw 10 bands and a play. But I saw one of the bands play 3 times, so it was 12 separate shows, which is alright for three nights.

I didn't take many pictures, musicians move around too fast for my shutter finger. See:

Hey look, it's Mattias B's pick, placed directly into my hand by him. (See Kelly, I'm a fangrrl, too!) He's the one who goes all out with the Pete Townsend riffs and moves. There was an equipment problem at one of the shows, and he was actually polite and friendly with the guitar tech, I love that! I always wonder why most of them don't show the guitar techs a little more love.


Anonymous said...

I heard that the Diodes sis a free show at Dundas Square on Saturday afternoon AS WELL AS a nighttime gig at Sneaky Dee's.

I never thought they would ever reunite to do an entire show together! I saw them play on Open Mike but they said it was a one-off and thet it wouldn't be repeated except maybe for a festival, like Edgefest or something.

Of all the times to be away from T.O....:-(

Did you get to see them?


Anonymous said...

Gosh, there are a couple of typos in the above and I apologize! I've had a very long day and am totally wiped :-)


krissy said...

wow, you kept busy! seeing 12 shows is a lot! what was your favourite band? can you list which bands you saw...i'm so curious?

you're my live music hero! (i'm totally serious!)

Fibre Floozie said...

Wow, you went out and did NXE after the TTC Knit A Long, eek you are one brave girl! I used to love it before I had kiddies. My buddy Bob the Bassist played but I was to sad and sorry to go. You rock girlfriend. Imperious princess in goth girl gear says "Hi". Wanna come out and see cute guys in Cricket gear, not as sexy as musicians but hot none the less!

Warrior Two said...

I believe I even used the "f" word, but yeah!

mjm knitting said...

glad to hear you had a good time. are you having band/music withdrawl yet?

Carla said...

Yes Melinda, I’m in rock withdrawal! Ears still throbbing, and I need the musical equivalent of Hair of the Dog (drinking alchohol to cure a hangover).

Krissy, the bands I saw were: Mother Mother, Les Breastfeeders, Soundtrack of Our Lives (3 times), Champion, Famous Framus, Memphis, Superfantatics, Action Makes, Handsome Furs…I missed a bunch I wanted to get to. TSOOL was definitely my favourite, I didn't know I'd like them so much. But Les Breastfeeders were really great too!

Kim: no I didn't get to The Diodes, but some of my friends did, I'll email you their reviews when I get them!