Sunday, April 29, 2007

back from the eastern part of La Belle Provence

Hey hey blogsters! I just got back from a week away. Unfortunately I left by eco-fu*king airplane on Earth Day, of all days! Magnolia and I are trying to grrlcott excessive carbon emissions, but it's tough.

When we landed in Quebec City, the sun was shining bright but there were still snow banks! See the snow on the side? But still mild enough to skateboard in short sleeves.

Marvelous weather for being around Vieux Quebec, and the hotel was just 2 blocks from a Le Commensal. Learned lots at the conference I was there for, as did Nancy.

After the conference ended on Wednesday we went to Gaspe to visit my cutie grandparents. We took a very long bus ride, which was less eco-oppressive than flying, plus Magnolia loved to look out the window:

I just finished reading Lullabies for Little Criminals while I was away. What a sweet, sad story. It won Canada Reads this year and was defended by John K. Sampson (who is vegan and a brilliant songwriter, and has the magic touch for picking books). It's subtle, but it'll knock your socks off.

Here's my Grampa, he just turned 102 years old!! He didn't call me la bella Carla even once, which made me sad because he couldn't remember me. But we did have some grand chats and played cards.

There was lots of snow in Gaspe, but the weather was mild:

But there wasn't any snow or ice left at the beach:

A dude I met out there told me that the seal hunt would be different if seals would become vegetarians! He said there's less sympathy for the seals because they eat so much fish, and people want to make money from fishing. Hmmm. (Either way, the fish get eaten by predators, and some would still want seal pelts.)

Home today, and that's nice after a week of eating in restaurants and other people's houses. I was aching for some asparagus risotto, so that's what I had tonight, with lots of lemon, peas and pine nuts:

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

new duds for Magnolia

I ordered this fabulous coordinated hat and coat set for Magnolia:

That's not her modeling, the photos are from the tailor, who is a really great gal in Ontario. Please visit her beautiful gallery at Blythe's Closet, you won't be sorry! The creativity and attention to detail are exquisite!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I wish every day was like Sunday

RIP June Callwood. Watch her recent interview on The Hour.

I went to the Tijuana Bibles Retirement Show last night, what mayhem! Now I want to make Mexican wrestling masks for Blythe dolls! Blythes have ginormous heads and eyes, the masks would be funny. I don't know if Blythes like rough sports, but they do like to dress up.

Claire put on a fabulous spread today for crafty grrrlz brunch: vegan crepes, muffins, biscuits, fake bacon, hash browns, mimosas...

After brunch we did crafts and watched Shut Up and Sing. She made a beaded necklace for each guest. This is what she made for me:

A perfect way to spend a Sunday, thanks Claire!

Monday, April 09, 2007

tgi the long weekend!

My workplace gets Friday AND Monday off for Easter, yee-haw! I rode my bike today for the first time in 2007, I'm exhilerated and a bit sweaty, my biking muscles are out of practice. What a great day to get back in saddle, the holiday traffic was light and easy.

This made me laugh out loud, it was in Eye this week:

"If Paul Revere rode through town today hollering that the British were coming, most people would roll their eyes and say, 'No sh*t, I saw the 84-page spread in the NME.'"

But I'm not making fun, I do love British music, it's just that Brit Pop is a constant.

Krissy's been MIBA (missing in blog action) but she's still around, I went out with her last night to see her guy's band do a show for Images. She's cute as ever of course!

I hope the bunny brought you some fair trade vegan chocolate! Here's a store window in Kensington Market with a whole community of bunnies in the window:

Also, there's a new-ish vegan knitting message board you might be interested in:

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

prepare to waste some time

If you need another place to loiter online, go here. It's not exactly archival or a primary document, but it's got value. You'll probably look up the name of everyone you know!

Magnolia was excited to see that her name was more popular at the turn of the 20th century. I didn't know that when I named her though. The Mates of State named their baby Magnolia and that name seemed to suit a Blythe with purply pink hair.