Friday, July 20, 2007

who died?

Been a long time since I blogged...and this one's a quickie. I don't have Harry Potter Fever myself, but I just love how much buzz there is about it. I went to see J.K. Rowling reading at the Skydome several years ago, and it was so great that so many kids were reading along with her, out loud! Books!!!

I'm on a mad dash to get out of town and little things are going wrong like running out of yarn and going to 3 yarns stores to find more, without success, the glass on the fancy beads I bought being spilled in so I couldn't thread it, but the lovely Sarah at The Rage had a marvelous sense of humour about my near meltdown and had a great time-saving should go buy something from her!

UPDATE: it wasn't really too terrible, fixed the yarn, bead and cookie conundrums. It was so neat to see so many young people out and about on Friday in Harry Potter costumes and I've been seeing adults solemnly reading the huge book in coffee shops and public transit all weekend. Plenty of ongoing media attention about it, but so far I've managed to avoid finding out who died! I don't want to know, in case I decide to read the series.