Thursday, December 30, 2010

first night of hiatus in Sweden!

Hejsan! I've taken 2.5 months leave from work and am spending it in Stockholm. I planned to be there before Christmas, then when I found out The Soundtrack of Our Lives were playing on December 16, I knew I had to get there on time for that. TSOOL is one of my very favourite Swedish rock bands, and seeing them 3 times in 3 nights in 2007 kinda kick-started my interest in Sweden. Now I have a lovely Swedish boyfriend and am temporarily living in Stockholm! funny


Today is the 14th day of visit! I vowed to take it real easy for the first two weeks because I was pretty burned out, and it worked! I'm just about 100% relaxed now!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

crafty video game

Check out this very cute Wii game, Kirby's Epic Yarn. Kirby is a cute little pink creature in a series of games, and at the beginning of this game, an evil tomato uses a sock to turn him into a yarn ball, and then the rest of the world turns into craft supplies too. Kirby swings on buttons to jump across obstacles, pulls zippers to expose new areas and collects beads for points. The layout looks like a quilted, embroidered scrapbook. So crafty! I rented it and suspect if I buy it I won't get much done at home, it's addictive!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

rescued dog dance party

I was in a bad mood tonight, repetitive strain in my fast-typing parts, and I was too tired to get to yoga but then when it was too late to get there on time I really wanted to go ... wah wah wah ... but then I came across this adorable video! Much better mood now!

OK GO is such a fun band, maybe you watched their other videos, esp Here It Goes Again, a million times on YouTube like I have.

Sometimes dogs being made to do tricks for a long time seems cruel but these pooches look They're all rescued dogs! And the band has a webpage supporting animal rescue.

One of the fun things I do for practicing Swedish is to count dogs when we're out walking, and try to describe them with the Swedish words I know ... so many dogs out there!

en hund, hunden är söt
två hundar, hunden är svart
tre hundar, hunden är liten

I still can't pronounce "sju" which means seven...just three letters but so tough to pronounce, you have to make a sound kind of like clearing your throat!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


hee hee, this cracks me up! It's from Indexed. So true in the summer. I'm happy that it's almost normal weather for sweaters now and time to get back to knitting!

I love this knitting video, a sweater all in one day with apple and coffee and people coming and going.

first veggie pride parade in Toronto!

This is old news, but I'm dumping pictures off my camera and remembering a fun on a hot, happy summer afternoon .... June 5 was the first Veggie Pride Parade in Toronto!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Swedish Royal Wedding

Just another reason that great things come from exercise .... the Swedish Crown Princess married her gym trainer a few minutes ago! I watched it online, it was beautiful!

Swedish phrase of the day: kungligt bröllop it means "royal wedding."

Arlanda is the "Official Love Airport" this year, ha ha. I got smooched when I was there last month, so I guess it's true!

A lot of the stores were brimming with Royal Wedding souvenirs .... china, tea towels, chocolates ...

Victoria and Daniel paper dolls:

lots of postcards ... I liked this cute one:

and this silly one, "how to become a Swedish Prince" ... the text describe's Daniel's upbrining, gym ownershop and royal romance leading to his becoming a prince:

temporary tattoos of the newest royal couple:

and coasters of the royal family:

glass knick knacks, there is a lot of Swedish glasswork:

Victoria wasn't always the Crown Princess. She's the eldest child of King Gustaf and Queen Silvia, but when she was born, the law stated that the first born son would be heir to the throne. That law was changed in 1979. Too bad for Prince Carl Philip! Strikes me as odd because the Swedes seem to have a "gender doesn't matter" approach to everything, but I guess that wasn't so before 1979. She has studied in different countries, supports Swedish public radio and struggles with an eating disorder. I'm just learning about things Swedish, and I don't live over there, so I'm not bored of or annoyed with the royal family yet!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Don't Panic!

Yesterday was Towel Day, and Krissy's birthday!

Last summer the Young Swede and I went on a road trip. I was reading Hitchhiker's Guide so it was in the car and when we stopped in Ottawa to have lunch with Sienna, we passed Zaphod's, the nightclub at the end of the Universe!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

double medalist in the Knitting Olympics

Hiya! I got two projects done during the Knitting Olympics. I knit a cabled neckwarmer, in red for Team Canada. It's a bit too big so I'll probably re-knit it. I must have cast on too many stitches, which would make sense because I cast on in a rowdy bar with lots of knitters while watching the fantastic opening ceremonies! The cables are pretty cool and I love the true red colour. Then I found a fantastic wooden button shaped like a heart:

I sort of have dual loyalties with Canada and Sweden, so I also crocheted OS-mössa, the hat worn by the Swedish Olympians. The Swedes say "OS" for olympiska spel, which means Olympic games, and mössa means hat. Virka is crochet. This is the first time I saw the hats, I snapped a picture of the tv showing the Swedish Olympians in the Parade of Nations at the opening ceremonies. The mittens are really great too!

There were kits for sale in Sweden with the yarn and pattern to make these hats and there was a mad dash for them and they sold out fast. Here in Canada I bought the yarn randomly, used a pattern from a blog, and whipped it up in a couple nights, which was fantastic because it was the first real project I successfully crocheted! Crochet is so much faster than knitting!

Here I am wearing the hat and holding up a head of broccoli, because I thought the green flowers the medallists got looked a bit like broccoli, but they weren't.

I really loved the Olympics this time 'round. I always like them, but I got extra excited this time. The snowboarding! The freestyle skiing! THE HOCKEY! Both the Canadian women and men got gold again.

I got really into the curling, too. The Swedish women beat team Canada for the gold medal game. The Swedes had pink brooms! And they were in a rock video awhile ago. The band, Hammerfall, was in Toronto last week but I didn't go, but check out the video with the awesome curling team, it's pretty funny!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Knitting Olympics

The Knitting Olympics are coming!

Tonight I'm going to a pub to watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics with a gaggle of knitters and we're going to cast on our Knitting Olympics projects. The idea is we have to finish our projects before the end of the Vancouver Games, in 17 days. There are rules of course.

I'm going to make the Tudora neckwarmer, in red for Team Canada. And a pair of mittens or wristwarmers after that.

Whoops my picture is all green, I'll have to snap a picture of my yarn in natural light!

Let the games begin!

Monday, January 11, 2010

I miss Christmas holiday, le sniff

Oy! New Year's Resolutions haven't really worked yet, so can I pretend tomorrow is the first day? I meant to start eating clean again after the Swede left, but he left lots of candy behind.


And Snöre! I like kola and jordbgubb flavours:

Winter wonderland in western Quebec:

Vegan gingerbread:
The Team Canada mittens are quite the hit! I got a pair too, I love them!

Wheeee! My Mom *loves* her skidoos! And I always forget how fun it is til I get on board:

Cookie and Cupcake, the country cats who aren't allowed in the house:

Two people who are trying to remember how to skate! Ha, I haven't skated in *years* but it was so much fun and I didn't break any bones!

Oh Mom .... I hope the thieves in town can't read English, or know what rubber boots are:

Spock is my co-pilot!

Crafts I made at the Swedish Christmas Fair:

Screenprinting-on-paper workshop I went to with Krissy, I made the Christmas ball with the heart:

Christmas at the bowling alley:

I made other crafts too, and did a bit of decorating at my place even though we were leaving for Christmas. Better go floss my teeth after all that candy!