Tuesday, September 29, 2009

love me two times, Sweden two times

Long time no blog....again! I've actually been to Sweden twice since I last blogged. I went for a week at Easter. I landed early in the morning and was greeted with fresh baked bread at his place.

The spring weather was a glorious 15 degrees every day. (Did you know it was a Swede who came up with centrigrade, by the way? It was a guy called Anders Celsius.) I rented a bike for a few days to zip around, that was super-fun.

I love this bike, which was not to rent...it was just ornamental, outside the Gudrun Sjödén store:

I'm cut off in this picture, but I still love it, it was a good day:

I gave him this awesome bike bell but it got stolen :-(
I loved it because it's a map of Toronto and it shows the Danforth, and we met at the Danforth Music Hall.

There's lots of guerilla knitting in Stockholm:

Then I went over again for almost 2 weeks in August. The weather was lovely then, too...about 20 degrees every day and no humidity! The climate in Stockholm really suits me.

Magnolia and Bobbie Dazzler liked to read Pippi Longstockings. Pippi is their favourite Swedish role model for adventure and sass:

We went to see the history of IKEA exhibit at Liljevalcjhs, that was really great!

I liked the denim room best:

But the kids craft room was fun too!

And all the old catalogues:

And a hex key mural:

Did lots of other things, didn't really take many pictures though.