Wednesday, September 29, 2010

rescued dog dance party

I was in a bad mood tonight, repetitive strain in my fast-typing parts, and I was too tired to get to yoga but then when it was too late to get there on time I really wanted to go ... wah wah wah ... but then I came across this adorable video! Much better mood now!

OK GO is such a fun band, maybe you watched their other videos, esp Here It Goes Again, a million times on YouTube like I have.

Sometimes dogs being made to do tricks for a long time seems cruel but these pooches look They're all rescued dogs! And the band has a webpage supporting animal rescue.

One of the fun things I do for practicing Swedish is to count dogs when we're out walking, and try to describe them with the Swedish words I know ... so many dogs out there!

en hund, hunden är söt
två hundar, hunden är svart
tre hundar, hunden är liten

I still can't pronounce "sju" which means seven...just three letters but so tough to pronounce, you have to make a sound kind of like clearing your throat!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


hee hee, this cracks me up! It's from Indexed. So true in the summer. I'm happy that it's almost normal weather for sweaters now and time to get back to knitting!

I love this knitting video, a sweater all in one day with apple and coffee and people coming and going.

first veggie pride parade in Toronto!

This is old news, but I'm dumping pictures off my camera and remembering a fun on a hot, happy summer afternoon .... June 5 was the first Veggie Pride Parade in Toronto!