Wednesday, September 29, 2010

rescued dog dance party

I was in a bad mood tonight, repetitive strain in my fast-typing parts, and I was too tired to get to yoga but then when it was too late to get there on time I really wanted to go ... wah wah wah ... but then I came across this adorable video! Much better mood now!

OK GO is such a fun band, maybe you watched their other videos, esp Here It Goes Again, a million times on YouTube like I have.

Sometimes dogs being made to do tricks for a long time seems cruel but these pooches look They're all rescued dogs! And the band has a webpage supporting animal rescue.

One of the fun things I do for practicing Swedish is to count dogs when we're out walking, and try to describe them with the Swedish words I know ... so many dogs out there!

en hund, hunden är söt
två hundar, hunden är svart
tre hundar, hunden är liten

I still can't pronounce "sju" which means seven...just three letters but so tough to pronounce, you have to make a sound kind of like clearing your throat!

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krissy said...

hee! I hadn't seen that video yet but it's great. Ok Go videos are pretty much the best thing ever! Loooove the doggies! They're adorable. Sorry you were in a bummer mood. Hope you're feeling better now.