Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Swedish Cinnamon Bun Day! (Oct 4)

Sunday was the 10th annual Kanelbullens Dag in Sweden, so I baked up a batch. Mine were vegan of course. It took a lot longer than I expected, you have to let the dough rise, twice! So give yourself half a day if you want to make some. Totally worth the time! Apparently the whole thing got started as a way to encourage people to bake at home more.

I used this recipe, mostly. I didn't have any vegan yogurt, and I didn't get cardamom because it cost $10/bottle. And I couldn't find pearl sugar. Have you seen it in Canada? It's just sugar, but it's in bigger chunks than granulated so it looks nice sprinkled on top. I'll have to get some next time I'm in Stockholm. They look prettier with the pearl sugar, and maybe I'll try a recipe with a glaze next time. And I guess I should shell out the $10 for cardamom next time!

I got my guy to take a picture of the pearl sugar (pärlsocker) at his grocery store in Stockholm, I was curious. He baked cinnamon buns on Sunday, too, of course!

Over there at ICA, the ingredients to bake cinnamon buns were on sale: "bake your own buns and celebrate cinnamon buns day on Sunday":