Monday, March 15, 2010

double medalist in the Knitting Olympics

Hiya! I got two projects done during the Knitting Olympics. I knit a cabled neckwarmer, in red for Team Canada. It's a bit too big so I'll probably re-knit it. I must have cast on too many stitches, which would make sense because I cast on in a rowdy bar with lots of knitters while watching the fantastic opening ceremonies! The cables are pretty cool and I love the true red colour. Then I found a fantastic wooden button shaped like a heart:

I sort of have dual loyalties with Canada and Sweden, so I also crocheted OS-mössa, the hat worn by the Swedish Olympians. The Swedes say "OS" for olympiska spel, which means Olympic games, and mössa means hat. Virka is crochet. This is the first time I saw the hats, I snapped a picture of the tv showing the Swedish Olympians in the Parade of Nations at the opening ceremonies. The mittens are really great too!

There were kits for sale in Sweden with the yarn and pattern to make these hats and there was a mad dash for them and they sold out fast. Here in Canada I bought the yarn randomly, used a pattern from a blog, and whipped it up in a couple nights, which was fantastic because it was the first real project I successfully crocheted! Crochet is so much faster than knitting!

Here I am wearing the hat and holding up a head of broccoli, because I thought the green flowers the medallists got looked a bit like broccoli, but they weren't.

I really loved the Olympics this time 'round. I always like them, but I got extra excited this time. The snowboarding! The freestyle skiing! THE HOCKEY! Both the Canadian women and men got gold again.

I got really into the curling, too. The Swedish women beat team Canada for the gold medal game. The Swedes had pink brooms! And they were in a rock video awhile ago. The band, Hammerfall, was in Toronto last week but I didn't go, but check out the video with the awesome curling team, it's pretty funny!


krissy said...

Oh, I'm so sad that you have to re-knit the adorable cowl you made. It looks so amazing....I LOVE the cables!! And the button is perfect!

I also love the picture of you with your cute Swede hat on holding brocolli. So awesome!

John McDevitt said...

Congrats on the hockey! You wacky Canadians :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous red! (And I love that Sweden SOLD HAT MAKING KITS.)

Katherine said...

The picture of you holding the broccoli is awesome!

The cowl looks gorgeous -- but it will look gorgeous again when it's the size you want.

Thanks for all the linky goodness -- you even got me to watch a heavy metal video voluntarily :-). I wonder if those guys know about Men with Brooms :-).

mlj said...

Awww, what a lovely couple of projects! Loving the Canadian mittens and cowl and the Swedish hat :)


Kim said...

Both those projects are great and so is the pic of you! Maybe you can teach me to crochet someday.....