Monday, January 11, 2010

I miss Christmas holiday, le sniff

Oy! New Year's Resolutions haven't really worked yet, so can I pretend tomorrow is the first day? I meant to start eating clean again after the Swede left, but he left lots of candy behind.


And Snöre! I like kola and jordbgubb flavours:

Winter wonderland in western Quebec:

Vegan gingerbread:
The Team Canada mittens are quite the hit! I got a pair too, I love them!

Wheeee! My Mom *loves* her skidoos! And I always forget how fun it is til I get on board:

Cookie and Cupcake, the country cats who aren't allowed in the house:

Two people who are trying to remember how to skate! Ha, I haven't skated in *years* but it was so much fun and I didn't break any bones!

Oh Mom .... I hope the thieves in town can't read English, or know what rubber boots are:

Spock is my co-pilot!

Crafts I made at the Swedish Christmas Fair:

Screenprinting-on-paper workshop I went to with Krissy, I made the Christmas ball with the heart:

Christmas at the bowling alley:

I made other crafts too, and did a bit of decorating at my place even though we were leaving for Christmas. Better go floss my teeth after all that candy!


krissy said...

mmmm...polkagris looks delish!! is it peppermint flavoured or does it just look like candy cane?

that winter scene in quebec is absolutely stunning! i haven't seen such beauty yet this winter. i'm sure we'll get our fill of it soon enough.

and i love the pic of you two skating! you're so much braver than i am. i'd break a bone for sure. when i was a kid i fell and got a black eye skating. clutz!

loved this post and all of your pictures, carla!

John McDevitt said...

Fun Christmas! Mine consisted of puking Chinese food :) Guess I wouldn't change it though.

Cool pics!

Carla said...

Krissy: you can see my parents' house in the Winter Wonderland pic! It was gorgeous up there.

A black eye from skating, oy! I guess you don't want to go skating at Harbourfront with Tracy and I next weekend then!

John: drag about the food poisoning!!

Carla said...

that polkagris was peppermint like candy cane, but it comes in different flavours too. It's really cool because it softens as you eat it, unlike the brittle candy cane we get here.

Katherine said...

I love the second photo. Slab. Of. Candy.

I love your Mom's note about the key, too. Makes me remember where we lived when I was a kid...

mlj said...

What a lovely collection of images.. really captures what looks like a lovely Christmas holiday :.)