Monday, April 09, 2007

tgi the long weekend!

My workplace gets Friday AND Monday off for Easter, yee-haw! I rode my bike today for the first time in 2007, I'm exhilerated and a bit sweaty, my biking muscles are out of practice. What a great day to get back in saddle, the holiday traffic was light and easy.

This made me laugh out loud, it was in Eye this week:

"If Paul Revere rode through town today hollering that the British were coming, most people would roll their eyes and say, 'No sh*t, I saw the 84-page spread in the NME.'"

But I'm not making fun, I do love British music, it's just that Brit Pop is a constant.

Krissy's been MIBA (missing in blog action) but she's still around, I went out with her last night to see her guy's band do a show for Images. She's cute as ever of course!

I hope the bunny brought you some fair trade vegan chocolate! Here's a store window in Kensington Market with a whole community of bunnies in the window:

Also, there's a new-ish vegan knitting message board you might be interested in:


mjm knitting said...

what a cute bunny figurine!

i have yet to ride my bike this year, now i am green with envy!

krissy said...

yay for getting your bike out! spring must be here even though i'm still wearing my $*%^#!@ winter coat!

KleoPatra said...

Such a happy post. Nice that you got to enjoy a sweet ride on yer bicycle. Go Carla! Here's to more long weekends...