Tuesday, August 07, 2007

FO: a trilogy of boleros

I'm still waiting to get let in to Ravelry. I signed up on June 16 and at this point there are 1592 people ahead of me, and 13,665 are behind me. If you signed up and want to see where you are, check the antsy page.

So I can get some knitting done before I start spending my knitting time there. Melinda got me these awesome stitch markers (and lots more great birthday loot). They were made by Robyn, who I met at the last TTC Knitalong.

I went to a wedding in July and decided to knit boleros for the bride, the matron of honour and myself. Boleros are quick and easy to knit, the only hard part is deciding the size. I guess boleros are supposed to look a bit small. The wedding had summery fire colours, so the bride got reddish orange Blue Sky cotton, the colour is called Ladybug. For myself, Mediterranean, also Blue Sky cotton. Yes, I missed a yarn over on mine:

The matron of honour, who introduced me to the bride, loves green so I knit hers with a nice green organic cotton dyed by the people at Lettuce Knit. I finished knitting it on the bus to Kingston, at last moment. here it is on my knee, with my fancy GoKnit Pouch hanging on the back of the seat:

I knit in the ceremony and at the reception!! When the minister said she had to ask the congregation to stop taking photos, I thought she was going to say "put your knitting away and pay attention" but she didn't!


mjm knitting said...

the bolero's look wonderful.
you got a GoKnit pouch! yay!

that's too funny about the minister!

Knitting Mama said...

Hey! Those are my stitch markers that I made!!! I sell them on my site now : www.robynsnest.ca

krissy said...

the boleros are really nice! way to go...you are a knitting machine! i've heard of ravelry but i don't really get the big deal. and why can't everyone join? it seems kinda elitist, doesn't it?

Fibre Floozie said...

Wow I'm in awe, you're a formidable feminista knittah!

What's this about not letting you join Ravelry, is this the millenium version of the bambi only list?