Tuesday, August 21, 2007

take me to the riot

New Stars video for Take Me to the Riot. I bought the digital pre-release of their new album, thinking I'd be satisfied with that. It's great! But now they're saying the physical album will come with a DVD in September, so I guess I'll "have" to buy it again so I can watch the DVD. This quest to cut down on consuming plastic is really hard!

Did you hear that Propagandhi's record label went packaging-free!? Clever and daring vegan anarchists!

Speaking of riots, I actually spent a week at that resort in Montebello for a family reunion in the 1990s. There was no sense of politics there then.

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krissy said...

i heard that new stars song and it is amazing! matt galloway played it on "here & now" and i sat in the car until it finished because i had to hear who it was. i was pretty surprised it was stars... it sounded quite different from their last album, i thought.(i love their last album too though...)