Monday, September 03, 2007

let's go to the Ex (oh baby)

I didn't grow up in Toronto, so I don't have the strong feelings for the Canadian National Exhibition that some have, but it's tradition for the end of summer here. I've only gone twice ever. I thought there wouldn't be much for me to eat, but they have a Lick's counter in the Food Building so I got a Nature Burger!! (yes vegans think about food all the time!)

Lookie, The Princess Gates were in this version of The Soft City. There were lots of CNE spots in it, like ferris wheel and Tiny Tom donut stand.

Magnolia loved the Lego tower. It's 96 feet high and broke the World Record:

Someone's Bart was too tired to walk:

There were some nice vegetables on display:

Magnolia took a wee rest on the proposed new streetcars:

Labour Day is my vegetarian anniversary, today it makes 14 years!


VeganCraftastic said...

Yay, happy veggie anniversary!

krissy said...

hey hey hey...happy veggie anniversary to you! yeah, i'm not a big CNE fan either. i've only ever been once. good that you had lick's as a silver lining...
by the way, someone under an anonymous comment also told me georgie drives a hybrid so i guess the suv i saw him driving wasn't a gas guzzler after all. he was driving on the opposite side (coming towards me) so i didn't see that...i assume it says it on the back of the vehicle. oopsie! ok, so he's once again awesome in my eyes! hee hee

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being vegan for 14 years!

Proposed new streetcars? How exciting!

(from the public transportation-challenged city of Seattle)


Anonymous said...

Oh, hey....a comment about The Ex. For years I've associated it with crowds and sticky humidity so I haven't gone for eons...maybe not since the mid-eighties.

I went to Bumbershoot, though, which is Seattle's similar Labo(u)r Day weekend festival. It focuses largely on bands playing.


Julie S said...

Wow, congrats on your veggieversary! Looks like Magnolia had a good time.

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