Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blythe Brunch + Nuit Blanche

Yesterday there was another Toronto Blythe Gathering, what fun! We met at Sweet Lulu and had the whole upstairs to ourselves, great spot! Magnolia got to meet another Prima Dolly Violet and many more spectacular dolls:

And last night was the 2nd annual Nuit Blanche. I didn't take many photos, but I saw lots of neat stuff. Better time management needed for next year, plus I should've taken an afternoon nap. But we managed to stay out 'til a little after 4am, after a picnic of Fresh take out in Trinity Bellwoods Park. Here are some of the pom poms at Knit Cafe, snipped in the wee hours:

There was so much branding from a certain bank you know, and some of my student loans are with them. Glad to see they're using the interest I'm paying to fund some artsy things!


krissy said...

wow, all those blythes are so gorgeous and they all seem to have their own little personalities. is that wierd of me to say?

an i kept my eyes open for you last night at nuit blanche but didn't see you. i'm impressed that you stayed out past 4am! paul & i were (and still are) soooo sick with terrible colds or the flu and so we only managed to stay out from 8pm - 2am. we saw a lot of amazing stuff though. when i'm eventually feeling more human i'll post some pics on my blog.

vania said...

I was looking for you both as well, but i barely saw anyone i knew in those crowds! I wish i could say i saw a lot of amazing stuff, but i didn't. Just crowds and exhibits that closed mere minutes before i arrived. Hanging out in the park at 2am was a highlight - it felt more like 2pm with all the people!

sienna said...

I was thinking about you last night when I heard it was Nuit Blanche. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Too bad they don't do anything like it here...maybe I could put the bug in someone's ear!!