Monday, September 04, 2006

baker's dozen vege-versary

It was a rainy day in Centretown Ottawa, 13 years ago, I'd just read Why You Don't Need Meat and ate some for the very last time. Got a sick tummy and the switch was easy! I don't remember the exact date, but it was Labour Day so I celebrate on Labour Day.

Last year I celebrated with Stagflation, we marched in the Labour Day Parade then had brunch at Fresh. We were sitting at the table next to David Usher + fam. Remember, dude?

This year I had brunch at Maggie's with some omnivores. I, of course, had the tofu pesto platter, the only thing I've ever ordered there. Maggie's is one of few restos I know of that serves meat but actually has a vegan menu. Long line ups at the brunching hour, but worth the wait. The portions are huge and there's always lots of fruit on the side.

Yesterday I went to a potluck, I made trusty potato salad and also pretzels dipped in chocolate. I tried to spell out "pinkvegan" in alphabet pretzels but couldn't find any Ns!

All the dishes at the potluck were labelled with ingredients, and someone, I didn't find out who, brought "enlightenment." You might not be able to make out the red writing, it says "ingredients: true love."

The lecture schedule for the TVA Food Fair is finally up.


stagflation said...

Yeah, I remember. I had the thai burger with fries, and then decided that I probably should have ordered something brunch-y, because I never do that.

The ride to Oshawa was pretty good, with the exception of the jerks who would drive up to us in their cars, and then yell things. I would have suspected this to be a man sort of thing to do, but it was about equal, men and women.

krissy said...

happy vegan-versary, carla! it sounds like you celebrated in a great way. i need to try maggie's for brunch. not sure if i've heard of it but i'll do some searching around to find out more info.

i'm not sure if your friend who commented above has a vegan or vegetarian-themed bumper sticker on the car (my guess since it sounds like they got heckled a bit) but i know paul & i always get people shouting things at us when we drive up north because of our pro-vegetarian bumper sticker. always seems to be men who do the shouting though...

Wildmindgirl said...

Cool! I had you bookmarked in my "Vegan Knitters" file but I didn't know you were over on Vegan Represents too! Nice Blog you have :-)

Carla said...

Stagflation actually *biked* to Oshawa from downtown TO! Hecklers need to get a life. I smile when I see your veg bumper sticker on your cute car!

Harmonia said...

Everyone's into Peaches lately! WOW! :)

Hope to see you in Veggin' Out soon!

Desirée said...

Happy (belated) vegan-versary!

i5 said...

this isn't carla it? if it is, you'll know saxn traxn.