Thursday, September 14, 2006

I actually do still knit

I do actually still knit, even though I haven't posted about knitting for a long time. I'm slowly stitching away at the top-down raglan cardigan, in pink Manos del Uruguay cotton. (Can you see the old school "sassoon" embroidered on my cuff?)

Check out these super-cute yarn needles, they're kinda sparkly and come in pretty colours:

You can do some marvelous cyber-loitering here. And hey, I got a mini-mention on ThingsAreGood today for emailing them about some changes in Spain for micro-thin models. One small step for healthy body image. They were already hip to the story when I emailed, being the info-savvy types that they are.

p.s. If you live in Parkdale-High Park, remember to vote tonight! Go Radical Reverend!


sienna said...

I love the yarn needles! Treasure them. My mom gave me some great coloured metal stitch holders last year and I've been desperately trying to get others but I just can't find more; just boring ones.

I'm glad you're enjoying the upcoming fall as much as I am! :)

michelleknits said...

yes, i totally noticed that! but how did i miss this post or is it new and backdated??? can't wait to see the cardigan when done!

Wildmindgirl said...

Cute needles :-) Thanks for the link to the raglan too; I think I'll knit that one after I finish this yellow sonnet cardigan; otherwise known as the-one-that-will-never-ever-ever-get-done. Do you want this pattern???

Isabella Kantina Jetski said...

I almost forgot! Thanks for the kick ass darning needle. That was great!

krissy said...

i can't wait to see your cardi! that pattern looks so cute. she has another great-looking cardigan pattern on her website...did you see it?