Monday, September 25, 2006

gonna shine up my pleather boots

I'm gonna shine up my boots
I'm gonna go into town
I'm gonna scrape up twenty dollars
I'm gonna throw it around

Stood in the rain and waited for a ticket for the Corb Lund and the Hurtin' Albertans show at Lee's Palace to free up. It was worth the wait. Can you tell how cute his dimples are? I've never been surrounded by so many (presumably) 905ers. A guy walked by me *barfing* while he kept walking! Projectile vomit, and he kept walking. g-r-o-double-s gross! Gross, but also amazing, because when I barf I can't multi-task enough to walk.

Went to a clothing swap on Sunday and took home almost as much as I deposited!

This handsome little guy watched us sort through clothes and eat vegan ginger cookies:

Walked through Kensington Market, it was a
Pedestrian Sunday and some folks were playing a giant game of Scrabble in the street:

Then went to see the Kensington Hilllbilly/ies, it was their 10th anniversary show. Giddy-up!


Wildmindgirl said...

Several things: Grrrrooossss on the barfing. Ugh. Can't get over that part. Second, that bird--what is it? It's cute, it's orange...hmmm. Third, a clothes swap? I love it! I've heard of them, but being ummm....a big size, I could never go to one, unless I could find a bunch of big sized girls to give it a go. Lastly, you like country music no? I love Bluegrass, don't like country. But there's a place a 1/2 block from our house--The Red Hen and we went there to hear some country and LOVED it! We're going back Friday when we land back in Seattle. I say I don't like country....but then I hear something I love and that makes it not really true. :-)

Harmonia said...

Congrats on the clothes swap! Sounds like most of the time was fun (minus the barfing!)

Another bluegrass fan here! Of course then again I am a big fan of all music!!! Not big on Country tho. Altho some country songs are okay...mostly the storytelling non-tear in the beer stuff for me, but you know where I am going...I hope you

krissy said...

pleather boots...yay! i got a new (used)pair of fakey-leather fall boots at a yard sale in orillia this summer. the clothing swap looks like a blast! i wish you could show us some of the stuff you scored. i've only been to one swap before and it was soooo much fun! i only brought home a few things but i've used them all, some quite a bit. in fact, today i'm wearing a shirt i got at it and yesterday i wore a scarf i got there. i think the best part for me was seeing people who took my stuff get really excited about finding it. you don't get that when you shlep it to the goodwill. 3 cheers for clothing swaps!

vania said...

3 cheers for me too! i love swaps! Also, i love the big Scrabble game - i will look out for it from now on!