Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Powerful Wrist Protection

Isabella and I did a 1x1 swap. We made each other a wrist cuff from the Powerful Wrist Protection pattern in SnB Handbook. The pattern was designed by Catherine Stinson, who used to be co-minister for the Toronto Church of Craft.

Isabella made mine with 2 stars (bonus! the pattern only calls for one star). The colours are great, camouflage background with purple stars!

I made hers with Mission Falls cotton. Instead of the star or the word "geek" from the pattern, I made an "i" for hers. And I made it way longer than the pattern suggested, because I have trouble conforming to patterns, just like recipes!

Thanks Isabella, I love it!


Wildmindgirl said...

So fun!!! Seriously, will you stop knitting things that I want to knit? My knit envy is getting too overwhelming for me here.

michelleknits said...

aw, that's excellent!

Sean Zio said...

Those are capital 'A' Awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm wearing these right now! I've been knitting alot of these tho I'm not into doing intarsia. I sort of half-arsedly tried it and got all confused.

Knitting should be fun and if it isn't I won't do it!! So mine are usually plain stockinette, or maybe with a contrasting colour border in garter.

That's as difficult as I get!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm wearing these right now tho I don't do intarsia (it's too confusing for me). I've made alot of them 'cause they're fast and easy.


tania said...

ooh nice!

vania said...

what fun cuffs! i also love those shiny needles from your other post! i also love fall because i love the idea of curling up at home, by the fire, and kniting!

veganknitter said...

the exclamation point one is quite rad!!

krissy said...

wow, you are the intarsia queen! i humbly bow in your presence. :)