Tuesday, September 12, 2006

and we left our love in our summer skin

Summer closes for me after the Vegetarian Food Fair. Fine by me, because I love everything about the fall! Knee socks, soup, hot cocoa, crisp air, a new season of The Simpsons....

The Food Fair was pretty good. Did you see the new flavours of Tofutti Cuties!? I love the Chocolate Wave, when-when-when will they be in the stores?

I got a new tattoo, it didn't hurt a bit! ha ha

The only lecture I went to this year was "Calcium Without the Cow." It was ok, but I've already educated myself on calcium so there wasn't much new to me. I do supplement calcium, with this stuff, which has no gross gelatin, oysters or crushed bones.

Went to a party where all the snacks were vegan, but not all the guests. I saw an omni gushing about how good the brownies and cupcakes were. Then he pulled a face when someone said "they're vegan." It was as if he was disappointed that vegan desserts tasted good, or that he got tricked into eating something he didn't want to.

A message came to me from Wayne Coyne. Isn't he lovely? (I sadly didn't get to his show at V-fest this weekend.) It was a misheard lyric actually, and it's way too corny to repeat, but valuable to me. Speaking of sexy men with salt and pepper hair, Siue sent me this super David Suzuki appreciation zine:

ETA: Ended the weekend seeing Krissy's man's band, Soft Copy, at Wavelength. Soft Copy is lively and raucus, kinda like Sonic Youth!

Hope you all love the fall as much as I do!


michelleknits said...

Knee socks=been wearing them all summer! Oh, but I wanted to tell you that I saw Siue in the park helping out food not bombs and I introduced myself!

mishka said...

I hear ya on the All Things Fall thing. I'm so happy that I get to layer up my clothes again!

So, I've missed you at 2 things now - Amy Millan (I must have been about 15 rows behind you) and the Veg Food Fair. I didn't try the cutie flavours though - I felt too sick from sugar from Sweets from the Earth cookies! "Ill" in that good way.

krissy said...

even though i prefer summer weather, i like fall fashion more! hee hee layers are my best friend. i'm already scoping out the stores for new tights & kneehighs. yum!