Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wednesday is hump day

Wednesdays in the summer are great because of the famer's market at Nathan Phillips Square. I usually go over there on my lunch break for a cob of corn and a few bags of produce. I've been surviving on grapes, peaches, pears and string beans for a few weeks.

Between the meds I'm on and the harshness of summer, my skin's been needing some help so I spent a chunk of change at Aliviar this week, it's a vegan spa (!) on Queen West. Got a facial and some pretty blue bottles filled with skin care products free of whey and beeswax. Everything smells and feels nice, so hopefully peace and love will shine through my pores real soon!

A new version of Hairspray is being filmed just steps from my place. No star sightings yet, but they're busy at work on the set, transforming local businesses into businesses in the film:

Have you seen Little Miss Sunshine yet? I saw it for the 2nd time last night, and still laughed myself silly.

ETA: According to my Slingshort Organizer, Jimmy Carter was attacked by a rabbit during a canoe trip on this day in 1979.


krissy said...

what a lovely post, carla! you've been up to some neat stuff! the vegan spa sounds absolutely *heavenly*...i'm so insanely jealous that you were able to do that. i'm sad to say i haven't made it out to a farmer's market yet this summer :( but i intend to try to get to one this week (i think cabbagetown might be on thursdays??). anyhow, just a word of warning about the one at nathan phillips square: there was a big article in the globe on saturday about "resellers" at that farmer's market (and others around the city). not all of them are actual farmers which is kind of sad. it sounds like you can spot them based on the ones who have a really wide range of produce...they are the ones who are likely just "resellers". i know you'd want to support the farmers so i thought i'd tell you about that.

michelleknits said...

oh my, i love the farmer's market! that looks like a great deal on peaches! were they juicy?

so nice -- a vegan spa! you deserve to take nice care of yourself, so that's lovely to hear! and i've heard a few recommendations to see little miss sunshine but yours tipped me over the edge! think i'll go see it!

Anonymous said...

Ohh Carla, more lovely pictures of food. (-: I'm so fortunate I can drive right to the U-pick farms. Today I picked a bushel of colored and very hot peppers. This afternoon I picked herbs from my own garden for drying. I use the leftover stems for smudgesticks.Isn't this a great time of year. Sandra

Anonymous said...

The concord grapes are out!!! Hope we get a version of them *here*. In B.C. they're called "Coronation" grapes or something like that. Weird, huh?

We have a farmer's market here every Sunday I usually can't get out of the house in time to go to it but E usually goes. They have a vendor called "Sugar" and they have the best lavender shortbread!


Hairspray is being filmed near you! Cool! Maybe you'll see John Travolta...or maybe you don't want to ;-)

vania said...

i love farmer's markets too! have you been to the one at city hall? i haven't but heard it's surprisingly good. and the ones at riverdale and dufferin park are wonderful!
i also have been wanting to go to that vegan spa place. i'm glad it was a positive experience!

Carla said...

Kim: I still think of this as your neighbourhood, too! I'd be glad to see Travolta, but it's Queen Latifah (playing Motormouth Maybelle) that I'd really, really like to see!

YES vegan spa's awesome, a nice small business run by women with ethics, a great business to support and be supported by!

Same goes for farmer's markets except the resellers Krissy is talking about. Yummy yummy yummy fresh local produce.

Wildmindgirl said...

Beautiful fruity pictures! I haven't seen big Concord Grapes like that since I lived in Oklahoma as a girl.

A vegan spa? Never heard of such a delight!