Thursday, August 10, 2006

2 groovy places in Chicago

There is a magic place in Millenium Park in the form of two large brick structures, all lit up.

When you get closer you can see a face in the bricks. There are many different faces that change every few minutes. Here's one of them.

After a minute or so, she forms an O with her lips and water flows out!! Squeeeee!!!!!

What fun! Kids and adults were splashing around and having a nice time.

Our last stop in Chicago was the much-anticipated Quimby's, a zine and comic book store chock full of radical goodness. And we made a 32-page half-size zine about the weekend:


Harmonia said...

Looks like fun!

I Just wanted to let you know that I have moved my blog to: and will be doing my blogging from there now. I will keep my old blog active for my blogroll, Daily OM, and as a backup. Swing by my new place when you have a minute to say hi! Have a great day!

mishka said...

You guys look like you had waaay too much fun for just 2 people :)

tania said...

wow! what a fun weekend-

siue said...

OMG!! I want to see that zine! So Fun! And that building! CRAZY GOODNESS!!

arctic dreamer said...

Oh - it looks AMAZING! You look so into it & the food looks scrumptious!A trip & summer worth photographing!