Monday, October 30, 2006

TTC Knitalong: the Halloween edition

I finally took part in the TTC Knitalong, and what a great event! Knitters I already knew, and a bunch I'd never met before. Tara and I didn't think getting to the 9am checkpoint on a rainy Saturday morning was a smart idea at all, so we hooked up with the knitting rowdies a bit later. Here's the lovely team we joined:

All the knitalong teams congregated at the Red Room at the end of the day for the awards ceremony and general revelry. This gal won the prize for wearing the best knitted item, she knit her Elvis wig!

I got some nice green sock yarn, with my new + improved attitude toward impulse craft stash shopping (only buy stuff I'm sure I will use soon). Some of the knitters did a whole lot of stash expansion and are now on yarn diets. Sunday was CanZine, I spent way more money there than at the knitalong.


jacquieblackman said...

Hello Carla! Thanks for joining us. It was great to meet you. Maybe see you around sometime soon??

tania said...

oh man! thats so fun- wish i had gone too!