Friday, October 20, 2006

FO - pretend zine exhibit

Firstly, happy birthday today to the late Tommy Douglas!

I finally remembered to pick up an assignment I did last year in library school. The project was to make a catalogue for a book exhibit of my own imagination. I did "Zinesters for a Handmade Life" and my exhibit had zines about crafts, cooking and anything else domestic. Had fun doing it, got a good mark. The note from the prof said 'why did you focus so much on vegan cooking zines and knitting zines?' tee hee. Obviously my personal bias came through, but also there just happens to be a lot of zinesters who are vegans and knitters, thankfully!


krissy said...

wow, it looks lovely!

mel said... does look lovely...much better than that crap zine about cake.

even though i now want cake....specifically 'chocolate witch cake' [shannon has requested a chocolate witch cake for her birthday party next week, and kait wants one for her 'birpppay' toooooooo. in december.]

veganmartha said...

so here's my novice question: are zines still as numerous and popular now with the availability of blogs? I feel like I remember reading some article in maybe Bust or Bitch magazine about blogs taking over zines. Do any of you bloggers know people doing zines, or do them yourselves?

vania said...

what a great idea for a project - are you going to Canzine?