Thursday, October 12, 2006

back from Quebec

This is Boo. She's a wild cat that lives out in the country and sometimes hangs around my parents' yard. She's so pretty!

I decorated cupcakes with my nieces and nephew, they're meant to look like pumpkins. See the stems (stick pretzels) and leaves (gumdrops)?

Whaaaaa? It's a huge plastic bag that looks like a cob of corn, stuffed with hay. It looked so funny I had to take a picture.

My nieces and nephew went at mini pumpkins with Sharpie markers.

My Mom, bless her, went all out and made lots of vegan things for me. Like pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, tofu-nut loaf and chocolate cake. I love fall food, like mashed turnips and tofu-nut loaf with homemade cranberry sauce. Thanks, Mom, yer the best.

I went to a pottery sale yesterday and actually got started on my Christmas shopping! Wowee! No pictures in case the intended recipient peeks in here. And last night I made pumpkin pie.

Have you seen the new BSS video? Lots of Amy in there, she's still my fave.


krissy said...

aren't vegan-friendly (or in my case, veggie-friendly) moms the best? that nut loaf looks delicious!

Wildmindgirl said...

That looks so fun. Hey that nut loaf looks really good. Was it? I wonder if your Mom would share the recipe with us?

Pamela said...

Your mom sounds like my dad. Last year my dad and his wife made an entirely vegan Christmas dinner for us and my stepsisters. We're the only vegans (well, I'm vegan, my husband is veganish). My mom and my in-laws on the other hand *rolleyes* let's just say we avoid holidays and meals PERIOD with them.

vania said...

thanks for the BSS link. i love how home video like it is! and yes, lots of Amy, Feist, and some Emily. i have a music crush on kevin drew. don't worry, j knows! hee hee