Friday, October 13, 2006

plan on getting lucky

Do you have friggatriskaidekaphobia? Not me, I'm counting on getting lucky in many ways this Friday the 13th. Just went back to the pottery sale, got a few more pieces and am feeling lucky already!

Necklace with a ceramic heart pendant:

And this bowl for me, me, me, with imprints of butterflies and bugs:


michelleknits said...

ooh, neat butterflies!

happy friday the 13th!

Sandy said...

Hi Carla, I love your photos of autumn and food and Boo. The ceramic pieces are lovely. You're so fortunate to have so many events available to you in the city. As usual I missed Word on the Strret but maybe next year.

Harmonia said...

This bowl is amazing! Very pretty! LOVE the colors!

Boo. Rachel Ray's dog's name is Boo. ;)

Wildmindgirl said...

Ooo, lucky butterflies on the 13th. I love butterflies--the symbol of change. Great bowl!