Sunday, October 01, 2006

let's spend the night together

Last night was the inugual Nuit Blanche in Toronto and it rocked! Loads of people were out and having a nice time. All the museums and artists and businesses were great hosts. I've had it in ink on my calendar since about May. I was surprised at how....mainstream? it was, meaning that there were soo many people there, who weren't necessarily part of the Toronto art elite or Toronto art subcultures. Museums, galleries and odd spots for art were open, with no admission charge, til 7am! I gave in about 3am but managed to hit several spots in each zone.

Supplies: Luna bars, pink glow sticks, gloves, hat and transit day pass

It was rainy (Nuit Mouille?) but that didn't seem to slow anything down

Wishes hanging from trees near UofT

Outside the ROM

My vegan co-reveller at OCAD

Note to the federal Conservative govt who might wonder why they don't have many seats in Ontario: cutting billions in museum funding last week didn't help matters at all. Last night was strong evidence of how much we value cultural institutions.


krissy said...

hey, i kept my eyes open for you at nuit blanche, figuring you'd be out in full force as well. wasn't it the most incredible night!? i haven't felt so giddy and childlike in...i don't know how long! i lasted until 3am as well. i wonder if we crossed paths unknowingly....

vania said...

what a great picture display of your night - i heard that it was such a success that they want to make it a regular event!

Harmonia said...

I love these pictures! They look so fun! Glad you had a good time! Thanks for commenting on my vegan Iron Chef Post! ;)

sienna said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the cards! This looks like it was a such a fun night. I wish we had more late night events in Ottawa.

salmagundi said...

Hi - I was stumbling by and stoped to find your lovely account of this social event - I found it entertaining - thank you for shareing your view - bye.