Tuesday, May 22, 2007

there's a bug in my earball

I spent part of the long weekend at my parents' cottage, my niece covered up to keep the bibites away, and said "there's a bug in my earball!"

Magnolia didn't mind the bugs:

I never thought of Lake Ontario as "mmm...so good," but someone's selling ice cubes with that promise:

In Ottawa, I kept seeing red, black and white flags on cars and thought, 'wow I didn't know there was so many people here from T+T.' But the flags are actually for the Senators hockey team:

Could've been the White Stripes, too, they're all about red, black and white. Speaking of, someone dressed up her Blythe doll like the gorgeous Meg White, exquisite!

Who watches Coronation Street? Charlie Stubbs is off his head! Quelle rat!


sienna said...

oh the next time you swing by Ottawa definitely let me know. I'd love to have a visit with you over a cup of tea sometime!

mjm knitting said...

bibites.....earball.....what a cutie!

small group at the beaches snb last night but very friendly. if i'm not working next tuesday night i will be going again. you can come too if you don't have other plans.

Selbot the Catbot said...

i can say that quite honestly the last thing i'd ever want to drink is lake ontario water
and the thought of freezing teh lake water into cubes and putting it in a glass of fresh lake ontario water is probably the furthest thing from "mmm good" in my mind