Thursday, May 03, 2007

"every little memory has a song"

Went to see Ted Leo + the Pharmacists last night!! Love his music, and he's vegan! Before the show he came out to look over the equipment, someone in the audience thrust a container of cookies at him, they exchanged a few sentences then he just pulled out a cookie and started eating it all natural-like! Nice guy. (He'll go on crying for our animal friends, and he'll be crying til their suffering ends.) I'm not a gear head, but check out the great amp he has!

He has the same birthday as Moby, but a different year (Sep 11), and he did a PETA2 ad.

And lookie, my favourite Broken Social Scene fella has a new video for his other band, Apostle of Hustle:


Anonymous said...

i am so stupid, i missed his show!

KleoPatra said...

YEAH for vegan musicians. How cool to know this... great that you had a fab time, too. Awesome! How interesting/coincidental the b'day thing w/him and Moby. Tres cool.

Julie S said...

Cool concert! Gotta love vegan musicians.

And I haven't had a chance to welcome you back! So...welcome back from your trip!

mjm knitting said...

i like the poster. i haven't heard about this musician until now-tres lame me-but i will catch up quickly.