Wednesday, May 23, 2007

meme: randomness times 7

I got tagged by MJM to type 7 random things:

1 - I'm almost never happy with the endings of books or movies.

2 - Speaking of endings, I appreciate that some radio stations play the entire song, without overlapping the opening or ending with talk or another song.

3 -I just got Do You Trust Your Friends? yesterday. It's a Stars tribute CD, a bunch of musicians who are friends with Stars 'renovated' the songs from Set Yourself On Fire. Every track is re-done, and placed in order on the CD. The cover looks a lot like the original. Sweet liner notes. I was slightly shocked by the familiarity meeting the changes, in almost every song, but then I was all smiles after a few bars. Go get it!!

4 - My Mom grew up on a farm and my Dad grew up in a fishing area, but somehow I ended up vegan.

5 - My unread email is in the 4 digits. Too much information is not informative, so I'm starting to unsubscribe from lists and alerts.

6 - I love steamed cauliflower with a bit of Earth Balance melted into it.

7 - My friend Benny is a Liverpool FC fan. Two years ago they played an important game against Milan, and they won, after Benny and I had lunch at the Korean Grill House. So he insisted we do it again today before the Liverpool-Milan game, for good luck. But unfortunately Liverpool lost this time.

Going with the theme of 7, I'm supposed to tag 7 of you, I started out doing that but then I wimped out because some of y'all are so busy! So grab it if you like, I'd love to read your list!


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vania said...

I listened to that new Stars album at Soundscapes the other day and wanted to buy it, but somehow walked out without it. I'll have to get it for sure now!

mjm knitting said...

DARN-too bad liverpool lost.
WOW-that's a lot of unread emails