Monday, May 07, 2007

Magnolia's first Blythe Gathering

Some Blythe collectors met Saturday, what a hoot. I have so much to learn about Blythes, and so many things I'd like to make for Magnolia. There are so many customizations to do, and of course loads of knitting and sewing patterns. I whipped up this little sundress before the meet:

The other dolls were really decked out! There were some non-Blythes who were welcome, too.

There must've been a few thousands dollars worth of dolls and accessories!

And one nice gal brought treats for everyone!

After the sun went down, I hung out with some other gorgeous dolls:


mjm knitting said...

Hey!-how come your not in any of the photo's?

Julie S said...

OMG, this makes me want a Blythe doll. So fun.

Btw, I tagged you!