Monday, March 05, 2007

sweatin’ to the indies

Any time I spend a Saturday night at home, I listen to the CBC Radio 3 broadcast, and the next couple Saturdays I hope to stay in because it's coming to an end! Sooner or later I'll have to get serious and get Sirius. The podcast will still be available to non-Sirius subscribers, but it's a lot shorter than the broadcast. This week's theme was "Sweatin' to the Indies." I love that because I'm always looking for a good playlist for the gym! They play way too much dude music, but I dig it anyway. I bet Krissy tuned in, if she was home!

Host Grant Lawrence usually has ridiculous tales of things that happen to him, and this week it was about getting the cord of his iPod caught on the handle of the stationary bike at the gym, then falling into a cactus and being upset that there are potted cacti in the gym. Hilarious!

And dang, it was the last time Nardwuar would be on while it's on analog radio. He told funny stories about the gym and gym attire, and played his band's song, "Get Off the Treadmill."

Here's Broken Social Scene working out (the boys only):

There’s a small contingent of scrawny indie rock guys at my gym, but Geddy Lee is never there critiquing their performance!

Anyone have any other song recommendations for working out? 4/4 timing is a must, and a faster tempo to get my heart rate in the 160 range. The tempo in some indie rock goes all over!


Warrior Two said...

I spent that whole video waiting for Geddy Lee. Is he the Bono of Canada? And I never, ever, ever thought I'd EVER say this but...he's lookin' kinda hot these days.

Warrior Two said...

Oh holy crap! I just checked out the CBRC site and I'm stoked, I can't wait to check this out. Just the music in the player is thrilling.

a crafty vegan said...

Thanks for this - i'll have to go check it out. I love good rockin' music to help me get into the day!

krissy said...

ohno, ohno, ohno! your blog isn't showing up on my bloglines so i haven't peeked over here in AGES!!! i probably have so much to catch up on....

in other news, paul & i were on our way back from his dad's b-day party on saturday night. we listened to radio 3 the whole way home on the 400/401.

we still don't understand why "death from above 1979" is the most requested band. are we the only ones who think these guys are totally overrated???

btw: nardwaar rocks my socks.

doo doodle oo doo......
doo doo

Anonymous said...

Hey! I suggest "Pen Pals" by Sloan, off the Twice Renoved lp. It's the best! It's 4/4 time and rockin'!

But you knew I'd suggest Sloan, didn't you?????????? ;-)


Anonymous said...

That should read "Twice ReMoved"!