Thursday, March 08, 2007

IWD 2007 - bread and roses for all my sisters

Today is Blythe's first International Women's Day, so I quickly stitched up a little dress for the occasion. It's a purple velvet mini dress with an ankh embroidered on it. And she has a "make crafts not war" placard, so she's ready to take to the streets. Happy Women's Day!


vaishnovi said...

you go girl! (and you look hot too, blythe :) ) - love carma

Ms Snit said...

OMG she loves lovely.
Happy IWD! and thanks for the silly card, you two.


CEK said...

This is so cool, I love Blythe this one looks like the pink vegan herself

Julie S said...

Blythe looks very cool in her new outfit and placard!

Happy International Woman's Day to you!

a crafty vegan said...

totally cute, i love her!

Serena said...

So cute!