Sunday, March 18, 2007

tagged: six weird things about myself

Sienna tagged me ages ago, and I had trouble thinking up 6 odd things about myself. But here goes:

1. I will not read library books in bed. Book germs!

2. I truly believe that chocolate soy milk cures headaches and bad days. Works for me!

3. I have a mechanical heart valve and it ticks out loud. You can actually hear it if you're sitting beside me when there isn't too much sound in the room!

4. I've never watched Buffy, but someone just loaned me the first 2 seasons on DVD so I can finally find out what all the fuss is about.

5. I named my computer Nora, after Nora Young, back when she was host of DNTO, because she's so smart.

6. I kinda like Frank and Gordon, even though they're corporate, and I don't like animals being used on film sets. (but they're animated, not real beavers)


sienna said...

Nora is wonderful, isn't she? I get so excited when she does her tech column or some other documentary because she does seem SO smart and put-together.

krissy said...

1. ew, i won't read library books in bed either for the exact same reason. i'm going to follow that link but i'm sort of afraid to at the same time.

2. i don't think i knew about your mechanical heart valve.'re sort of bionic! :)

3. even though i agree with you whole-heartedly on #1, 2, and 4, i'm afraid i'm going to have to disagree on the bell beavers. i actually have to turn the channel when one of them starts singing that damn whitney houston song.
hee hee

Anonymous said...

I believe the same about chocolate. But I prefer it in Lindt dark bars!!

Wow! I always sort of wondered about the origin of the name of your blog! I have sort of a similar thing although only I can hear it: blood pumping thru my head.

It's kind of annoying when it comes to trying to sleep! What about yours? Does it keep you awake?


Julie S said...

You'll have to let me know how Buffy is. I never watched it either, not even the movie!

Carla said...

Yeah, bionic! it even has a model and serial number!

Yes my clicking heart sometimes keeps me awake. I dated a doctor for awile, and he said, about the clicking, in the most medical way possible "it's revealing." That was hilarious!

I still haven't tackled the Buffy DVDs...