Tuesday, February 27, 2007

here comes the Blythe

I finally got a Blythe doll! She's "prima dolly violet" and I call her Magnolia. We have so much in common: she prefers to wear skirts, she won't eat alfalfa sprouts and she loves Coronation Street.

Here she is at her first SnB. She likes to have handmade clothes but doesn't like to make them herself, so I'm making them. Here she is in the mod-a-go-go dress she came with and a scarf I knit:

Here she is at her first Oscars party. The other gal in the picture is Nancy, the Librarian Action Figure. The delicious tempeh and soba noodles with peanut sauce were made by Weibke, I just met her and she's great.

And the TVP tacos were made by Debbie. My lazy contribution was take out from Bo De Duyen.


Julie S said...

Blythe is lovely!!! And so are her clothes!!!

vania said...

I want a Blthye doll too! There's a mini one i might get that is a 'crafty Blythe', complete with sewing notions!

Anonymous said...

Nancy Pearl (Purl?) does book reviews every Monday afternoon on KUOW!!!

I think I told you about those stop smoking commercials that featured Blythe dolls, a boy and a girl. They had a cat, too so I guess it was a Blythe cat!


krissy said...

ooooh, blythe is as purty as can be! i love her pink hair (could it possibly be any other colour for you, my dear??). ;)

all that food looks so yummy. and really, bo de duyen is always delish! i'd be thrilled to bits if someone brought that to a pot-luck i was at!

Serena said...

My first Blythe is on the way, and I'm seriously too excited! Congrats.