Sunday, March 05, 2006


Posted by Picasa I'm hoping Crash gets best picture and that Jon Stewart is sassy/not muted. Got this cookie at Queen of Tarts for one of my bosses, for Best Performance in a Work Faster Stress Less Coach (the cookie isn't vegan but neither is he).

Have you seen Parker Posey in an ad for a mega-soft drink company? It's kinda fun.


michelleknits said...

Crash is the only one I've seen of those, so I'm hoping it will win, too. I'm usually pretty unprepared for the oscars (my favorite movies usually are ignored), but this time I really didn't see the oscar stuff. I might see brokeback today, or not.

I (secretly) love that dancing parker posey commercial!

Carla said...

haha, yeah I know we aren't supposed to like pepsi ads or actors that sell out, but it's so fun!

I was underwhelmed by Brokeback, too much hype expanded my expectations. Capote was pretty good, Walk the Line was pretty good, March of the Pingus was great. It wasn't a great year for film though.

vania said...

i agree with you about Brokeback - good acting, but.... And while i love Reese, and Walk the Line, i'm not sure if she should have one - Transamerica and North Country had so much more to say, so much depth. In my opinion, anyway! I can't wait to see the Parker Posey ad, sell out or not i Love her!