Thursday, March 30, 2006

activating the park and a fancy knitting party

I just happened to figure out what "activate the park" means by walking through a park in fully activated. It was the park beside OCAD and it was a deliciously springy day. There was a strong smell of spray paint and lots of pretty things. Why is it so easy to be happy when the weather is nice like this? The whole city is feeling a little lighter and cheerier with the spring.

Then went to see Thank You For Smoking, which was alright, we had a collaborative vegan picnic when the lights went down of cold veggie wraps, tofu drumsticks, grape juice and chocolate covered pineapple bits. Then went to a fancy knitting party at which the theme was "Provence" and the Chief Executive Knitter of the TitBits served a themed feast including baked vegan non-crème brûlé!!!! It's so good, and she sent me home with an extra portion. It's made with coconut milk, fyi. Délicieux!! Note the yarn winder and knitting swift on the buffet table, that's already been oinked out on. Yummy!


michelleknits said...

I know, I feel so great -- just about everything. It's definitely the weather. Spring is really quite beautiful.

Such a nice party. Vegan creme brule? I thought that was one of the few things you couldn't make vegan? (I made a mental list, once). Could ya get the recipe?? Couldya couldya?!

Have a wonderful friday -- supposed to be the best day yet (at least around here)

Carla said...

You have a wonderful Friday, too, Michelle!

I'll ask her what recipe she used. I Googled it and found that the Millenium cookbook apparently has a creme brulee with coconut milk recipe.

vania said...

oh my goodness, i too thought creme brulee wasn't vegan-able! i have to find me a recipe! thanks for the post!