Wednesday, March 29, 2006

the weather outside is delightful

Ahhh, spring! It's gorgeous out there! These pretty risers were free for the taking outside Neon on Queen St, I have no use for them but surely by now someone's put them to use.

Cute wooden birdie in the window of Pantry Press on Roncesvalles:

I have no idea what this is an ad for, but it says "spring thaw" and "activate the park" so it sounds like fun. I want to activate a park!!


michelleknits said...

I love these photos. I think I'm going to go activate the park tomorrow -- I'll let you know how it goes!

sandy said...

Hey Carla, I love those bright, colorful pallets.How whimsical! Hopefully someone will recycle them into garden art. Sandy

mishka said...

"Activate the Park" - what a great sentiment. The boy and I walked through a park on the way home from work last night and played on swings for a little while. It was so beautiful and fresh-smelling in the city :)

I wish I had realised awesome stuff was going on at OCAD - we would've popped by!