Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Back from Bytown

Hey Blogsters! I've been away in nippy Ottawa for a conference for work. Check out this great wallet-sized ice scraper from CBC North (thanks Marita!). Stayed in a hotel during the conference and after that stayed in the hostel, which is in a building that used to be a jail. The beds are in cells! I went on a tour of Death Row and saw the gallows, it was pretty dang cool!
Like sleeping in a museum or a film by Wes Anderson.

Posted by Picasa Also visited the big, friendly spider at the National Gallery and the Norval Morrisseau exhibit, so lively! And made some good scores at a zine fair called Ravenswing, met the rockin' zinester who organizes it and he's doing a custom zine reader's advisory for me, I told him he should go to library school, of course! Lots of snow in Ottawa, unlike tropical Toronto.


michelleknits said...

Ooh, I love that picture of the friendly spider! Glad you had a good time in Ottawa and I'm happy to see you post again, too!

krissy said...

oh so that's where you've been... (welcome back!) you lucky girl...i wish i got to travel for work and stay in fancy hotels! very nice! good to hear the cbc treats its archivists well.

tania said...

oh fun! wish i went too!

Wildmindgirl said...

Hey, you should post this spider picture in the recent discussion of big spiders on VRF!