Sunday, February 05, 2006

thank goodness for little things

Like hitting a zine fair with a wallet full of loonies:

The cutest pink embroidery scissors and fun patterns from Sublime Stitching:

The giant thimble at Spadina + Richmond:

And sassy posters on Queen St:


Vincent said...

I still don't know

"What's a zine ????

That's a pretty catchy title you have for your blog. I printed Mom the article you posted about The Teacher/Angela's Ashes. Thanks.

Have a great day !!!


tania said...

dang! i missed it!
oh well.

Carla said...

Tania: it wasn't well advertised, I almost missed it too.

Dad: zines are little magazines made by anyone with access to a photocopier. And yeah, I'm clicking!

mishka said...

What a great poster! I've still have yet to go to Urban Herbivore, but their poster makes me smile (although I would be too tempted to pull out a pen and change "and so are those that wear it" to "and so are those who wear it." I know - I suck.)

And I love the idea of a zine-fest. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for future ones!

Carla said...

ha ha, have you been reading "Eats, Shoots, Leaves" lately? I have a few grammatical pet peeves too.

mel said...

ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, I am intensley jealous of all those zines (intensley jealous in the good way though) and I didn't know SS had new patterns...those kitchen ones are amazing...I may just have to buy some. many of your grammatical pet peeves do I bust? heh heh

mishka said...

I have never heard of "Eats, Shoots & Leaves" ... until now, that is. I have a suspicion that book is going to find its way onto my bookshelf... :)

Carla said...

Mel: you have the most eloquent was of using profanity, I always laugh out loud when I read your letters! There was one about how exciting it is to hang laundry, OMG it was a great description.

Mishka: I mislead you, Eats Shoots and Leaves is actually about punctuation, not grammar, but it gets me on a high horse about all things written when I browse it

Sean Zio said...

Hey Carla! I see you picked up my chapbook at the Cut 'n' Paste. What a small world! I hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you for the great resources you sent me. I'm going to look over them slowly tomorrow. I'll send you the 'pain' zine asap.

Take care, Sean Zio.

Carla said...

whoa Sean, that IS cool! I didn't make the connection!