Tuesday, March 18, 2008

FO: green stuff

Months ago I painted some ceramics, here's how they turned out. Not the shade of green I expected. A rice bowl for me and a plate for Magnolia:

Magnolia went out for St. Patty's:

Speaking of green stuff...Amy Millan fans, check out She Brings Out the Broccoli, sung to the tune of He Brings Out the Whiskey in Me:


krissy said...

yayyy! you're back!!

your rice bowl is so cool! i love the little scratched out leaves & vines.

and how cute is magnolia in her st. paddy's green shirt?

Anonymous said...

I remember reading about you painting ceramics. It's a lot of fun, huh? Your stuff looks great! I've been afraid to decorate anything beyond glazing....I love the leaves you scratched in!

Glad to see you've updated your blog!


sienna said...

I'm glad you're back!!!

The bowl is lovely.

Did Magnolia have a thimble-ful of green beer?