Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter in NJ + NYC

Spring's coming, believe it or not! I took a little trip to the US for family Easter and jam packed a lot into 5 days. I've been there a few times, but this was a first for Magnolia.

The first night was to see Sahara Hotnights at The Knitting Factory:

I always eat at different places when I'm there, even though I usually like everything enough to go back, but I ate first night at Whole Foods, even though we have it in Toronto, just because it was right there when I needed it. The next morning though, I had the most delicious non-bacon, non-cheeseburger at Curly's Vegetartian Lunch. Thanks for that recommendation, Krissy! It's a small little place on the East Side, and the non-cheeze was was divine!
Then lemon spelt vegan cupcake at Babycakes!

And later a small bowl of French onion soup at Kate's Joint, I was in the 'hood looking for something that was closed but not hungry. It was alright but I think they could've put vegan cheeze on it, like I do when I make it.

Employees must brush teeth:

Black cat taking a nap on the bin for 7" at Generation Records:

Magnolia thought these Barbies looked ridiculous in fur coats.

I love peanut butter too much, so I had to hit this place! Not all vegan but vegan-friendly:

That was right across from Sacred Chow, where I met up with friends from here and there for a fabulous night:

Magnolia played a bit at FAO Schwarz:

Magnolia was very patient in the long line to get up the Empire State Building. She liked to see the Chrysler Building from way up high, because it's in the SaTC theme:

And later we saw a Chrysler Building replica made of Lego at Toys R Us in Times Square:

In New Jersey we visited lovely relatives, walked the Jersey Shore:

.... caught a peek of the Easter Bunny at the pub:

..... had an Easter Egg Hunt with chocolate hiding up high:

... and dog-safe treats down low. Daisy didn't know what to make of the rush for the Easter Egg Hunt:

And of course there was more eating (I didn't eat this but it's pretty):

Hoppy belated Easter!


krissy said...

wow!!! what a trip! you sure packed a lot into a few days!

1. yay...curly's! :)
2. so cute: magnolia at the top of the empire state building!
3. mmm..babycakes! i wish we had made it there.

too bad peeps aren't veg-friendly, huh? they sure are cute though!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carla, I loved the photos of your Easter trip to NYC and NJ particularly the pictures of food and the record store. It looks like you and Magnolia had a good time.
Happy Spring. S.

mjm knitting said...

glad to see you had a wonderful time.

vania said...

Looks like you had a fantastic and full time in NYC!

Katherine said...

The Peeps sunflower cake is hilarious! That's the first time I've ever seen a good reason to get Peeps. I may have to try that out some time.

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