Tuesday, December 12, 2006

swap - Vegan Pal!

My Vegan Pal parcel came in!! My secret vegan pal is Simone, and she sent me a great package with super-nice Clover circular needles, Clover stitch markers, 2 heart stamps and 2 decadent dark chocolate bars from Trader Joe's! As you can see, I've already been into the chocolate!

And she sewed me a very pretty purse with lots of pink and hearts, just like I said I like! Isn't it awesome? Thanks Simone!


Anonymous said...

what a great package!

michelleknits said...

ooh, that's great!

Anonymous said...

Hey Carla!

Did I write to you already? I'm so out of it since being on vacation! Anyway, I'm glad you liked your package. :D