Sunday, December 10, 2006

dancing with Dewey

I've been dancing with Melvil Dewey and his Dewey Decimal system of classification all week. I may never have to use Dewey professionally, but it's been kinda neat to get to understand it a bit more. I spent a few years at the beginning of my library career as a Shelving Page with Dewey, so I knew about the tens, but my main understanding was that the craft books are around 746 and the cook books are 641. What else do I really, really need to know? (ha ha)

Minnie Sears and I have done a few rounds on the dancefloor too.

Final exam tomorrow, wish me luck. After that, I can get at some neglected holiday crafting!


Rochelle said...

Hey, I was once a shelving page too. I do miss working at the library sometimes. I loved looking for books that I could bring home to read while I shelved. Good luck Carla on the exams. I am sure you will do fantastic!

tania said...

good luck on your exmas!
I love mr. dewey! even though I have no formal library training,I have slowly memorized most of what we have up in this library-
but yes, 746 is the BEST section for sure-

Desirée said...