Thursday, December 07, 2006

day of solidarity for Green Scare arrests

Today is the first anniversary of the FBI’s first round of arrests in Operation Backfire. Radical animal rights and environmental activists were the targets. It’s being called the Green Scare, like the McCarthy-era Red Scare.

All members of the SHAC 7 are in prison now, but they’re actually only 6 now because the charges against one member were dropped. Write letters to them while they're in the slammer! I don’t think they were part of Operation Backfire, but they’re also animal rights activists. SHAC is an acronym for Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty. Huntington Life Sciences is a company that conducts dreadful tests on sweet little creatures.

Why don’t we have radical animal rights activism like that in Canada? We have so many farms, circuses, rodeos and THE SEAL HUNT.


Desirée said...

I'm so sad I'm ill right now, as there are a bunch of things going on in Santa Cruz to celebrate today.

And don't say you don't have any good activists in Canada!! Paul Watson is Canadian. He helped found Greenpeace, is totally hilarious and has saved many seals and whales. I got to sit at his table in the bar at the AR conference this year and damn he's funny!

Check him out:

Carla said...

Hiya Desiree, I didn't mean there aren't any good activists here, I meant no aggressive activists who try to interfere with animal cruelty to the extent of getting incarcerated.

Paul Watson's so great and we're proud of him!