Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunglasses is a Must

I just love this weather, so nice and sunny but not too hot. That hot spell a couple weeks ago was brutal, this is nice!

At the end of the heat alert I went to see A-Trak on his Sunglasses is a Must Tour, it was fab. Check out the design shaved into his head, can you see it peaking out of his hat?

Did you see him on The New Music awhile ago? During the interview, he and Hannah Sung sat on a park bench and drew pictures on white Chuck Taylors with Sharpies. Craftalicious!

This weekend I went to see the much-loved Amy Millan, she was so sweet. Sorry to rub it in, Mishka, who sadly couldn't get tickets. Looked for Vania but didn't see her. Too bad, because I went with a knitting friend and we could have had a stitch n' bitch after the show, which ended promptly at 10pm to let the dancers into the bar. My kinda showtime! This picture doesn't capture how cute she was, she told the sweetest little stories and played every song on the album, plus some old-tyme country, which I adore. Lovely guest musicians and pretty white balloons.

And I made the scouring pad shoe mat from Dollar Store Decor:


mishka said...

I'm so glad you had a good time at the Amy Millan show. I've heard nothing but good stuff. Actually, the Arts&Crafts website says she's playing Harbourfront Centre August 26th, so I'm going to make sure I get to that show!

How cute is your shoe mat? What a great idea for boots for the winter!

tania said...

oh i wish i was at that show! and that door mat- pure genius! must try one myself