Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I get fed with a little help from my friends

I had a houseguest last week and she made the most delicious meals. I love good food but am incredibly lazy in the kitchen. Check out this fake cheeze she found, it’s melty! In Toronto you can get it at Evergreen HFS on Roncesvalles, maybe other places too.

She put it on pizza, and under it was a delicious surprise: toasted coconut, toasted pecans, spinach and tomato sauce.

The sandwich is mock tuna salad: a concoction of tempeh, vegan mayo, celery and relish. She also baked cake and made a huge batch of breaded tofu that last for days.

My only cooking effort for the whole 10 days was the Mac Hates Cheese that Michelle recommended, which was pretty dang good. Love that nutty, tangy taste.


mishka said...

ooo... I am in love with FYH cheese! I get it at the Big Carrot. Sounds like you had a good cook visiting; too bad she had to leave! I've always seen recipes for mock-tuna salad - how was it? I have to admit, I'm a bit a-skeared of tempeh.

I have VWaV... should get me on that Mac hates Cheese.

michelleknits said...

me too -- LOVE follow your heart cheese!

i love to melt it over past and add a little nutritional yeast and soy milk and salt and other stuff...yum! when i'm feeling funky/moody/just wanting to be comfortable, it's my go-to food!

and yay you liked mac hates cheese (but mishka, it's not in vegan with a vengeance, it's on the ppk website).

mishka said...

aaah! That would be why I can't find it :) I just assumed!

thanks :D

Carla said...

I linked that PPK recipe now, I made it again tonight and added some veg.

Harmonia said...

Mac hates Cheese...interesting name. Hope all is well with you...busy with vegginout board...swing by when you have time

tania said...


krissy said...

i really want to try the mac hates cheese. i've read about it on a couple of blogs now. was your friend who wrote the cookbook visiting you? i think i saw one of her recipes in "la dolce vegan" (or maybe "garden of vegan"). i recognized her because of the unique spelling of her name.

Hayley said...

Hi there-
I love the vegan gourmet cheese!. Yum. It's great on the Amy's No-Cheese frozen pizza. And I also use it to make empanadas. Actually, it is great on anything.

Just found your blog.