Saturday, April 08, 2006

plant crafts

This afternoon I went to a craft-on and the theme was plants. We embellished plant pots. I painted mine pink and glued dollar store rocks to it. Some gals brought seeds to share, I scored some cosmos and morning glory seeds.

And check out these awesome seeds, which were also being shared. W+G Curse of the Were-rabbit is one of my new favourites movies! Posted by Picasa


Sandyj said...

Hi Carla,I love the hot pink flower pot! You know me and bright colors.I can hardly wait to start gardening again. Spring is in the air.There were thousands of Tundra swans at the conservation area last week, the maple syrup is running and all's right with the world.

krissy said...

did you go to church of craft yesterday? i really wanted to go but i was swamped with work yesterday. :( it looks like you had fun! how's the new c.o.c. hangout?

Carla said...

Sandy: nice to hear from you. Mmm, maple syrup. Almost time for you and Lucky to get out into the garden!

Krissy: I haven't been to Church of Craft in awhile, but I keep intending to, maybe next time!

tania said...

ooh i have missed so many posts!
this spring is lovely for sure-

michelleknits said...

that's a sweet pot!